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Editorials by Teri Michele #2 – Money Moves

Updated: Jun 13, 2022



You all have been so patient with me while I have been trying to get my life together and do this blog and the editorials at the same time! Thank you all so much for your grace and patience it means a lot. This blog is still one of my first loves and I will continue to try my hardest to make it a priority!

So now thats out of the way… the one thing you have all have been waiting for is…. a new editorial!

This editorial was so fun to make. The strong, powerful, and professional women I collaborated with made it so easy also!

This editorial “Money Moves” is all about how we as a society view money and how it moves through our daily life. Let’s be honest money gives us stress, anxiety, debt, and a magnitude of more things! Money makes us sadder, and happier at times. The premise of money has always been…who has more? Who can give you more? How can it be kept long term from everyone else so you can be the one to have most of it. (I.e Jeff bezos, etc)

The idea of this shoot is that I wish money was talked about more often. I wish people were more open about there debt, there spending habits etc because how can we learn from each other if we don’t talk about it. If you follow me on any social media you know I have been super transparent about some of the money goals I have going on (student loans, Credit Card debt etc)

In this world of capitalism it’s important for us to realize that yes money is important, it does make life a bit easier. It also does reduce the stress but we need to remember we only get one life and if we spend it just trying to make money, we will always be un happy because our life passed us by and we couldn’t enjoy not only our life but the money we made either.

I hope this editorial makes your think about money a little differently. While we all walk through this life and try to live to the best of our abilities.. the question is… will we ever have enough? And will we always want more? Does our greed for money ever stop?


Teri Michele

Hair: Me

Makeup: Kylie Jordan Artistry Book Her Here

Photographer: Melissa Morley Book Her Here

Dress: Amazon

Shoes: Shop Akira (Old)

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