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New Series – Editorials By Teri Michele

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

AHHHHHHHH guys I’m sooo soo soooo EXCITED to announce the new series Ive created!

Behold your eyes on the new EDITORIAL SERIES created for the blog, I have yet to give this series a name I will just continue to create editorials until the right name jumps out at me. If you guys think of a name feel free to comment or message me through any social media apps.

This was a lot of planning and execution and having these nagging ideas in my head that wouldn’t go away. Once something has been in my head for while thats the que I take to bite the bullet and do whatever it is. I was soo damn happy that I found a photographer to help me with this confetti bath shoot. It’s been a long time coming of talking my self out of things to do what I really want to. This is a testament to anyone reading this to do what you really want and don’t second guess yourself and follow that pull that your heart longs for. Trust me, you wont regret it, cuz I for sure don’t.

Enjoy the new series


Teri Michele

Hair: Me

Makeup: Me

Creative Direction: Me

Photographer: Brooke Chouest

Tub: My friends

Lingerie: Asos Similar Here

Confetti: Amazon Here

Be careful with this, it gets EVERYWHERE and will OBVIOUSLY turn the water a different color. I didn’t know that would happen, and plus my photographer thinks we needed more confetti… not gonna lie I low key feel that we definitely should have but the outcome of this shoot exceeded my expectations and I AM BEYOND HAPPY.

Some of these for sure are getting blown up to be put on my wall so I can be reminded of how FINE I am on a daily!

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