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Season 2 – Episode 4: The Lust List

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Hello all!

These are all of the things that I am currently wanting to be in my wardrobe like. . . RIGHT NOW. All of these pieces are so gorgeous and they can be practical depending on how they are styled they can me casual and more dressy. I have been wanting some of these pieces for a while some have been revamp from the vender others will just be classic.

For starters lets just start with the obvious… Hermes ugh words cannot describe how much I love the Hermes Kelly (not the Birkin, more on that in a later post) from the chicness, sophistication, and practicality and function on this bag is absolutely amazing. Of course it comes in different leathers, textures etc but in black with gold hardware would be for me ideally (early christmas present yea?)

Which brings me to the next Saint Laurent baby blue cross body bag that I can totally see myself wearing ripped pair of vintage levi’s along with a platform shoe and a loose white tee.

The AGL shoes they are the most comfortable shoes ever enough said. The ooze cuteness out of them I see myself wearing them all the time.

The Alexander Wang Gabi booties will be incredible with an all black outfit with a large tote bag.

The Louis Vuitton Agenda is definitely something that I would  love to have for my busy schedule. It would also help me with trying to keep myself accountable on some of things I write down.

Well now that you know all the things I’m lusting over feel free to take notes so around christmas time you will have me covered. HeHe

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Hermes Kelly / YSL Chain Wallet Crossbody Here / AGL Loafers Here  / Alexander Wang Gabi Bootie Here / Louis Vuitton Agenda Here 

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