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Season 2: Episode 5 – Designer Handbags Under 1k

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hello Again Loves

Hope all is well! I have been doing a lot of thinking  on handbags and which one I should invest in next. I also have been thinking on what I can actually afford to splurge on which has inspired me to do this post. I personally feel that buying anything luxury is a great investment especially if you know you will take good care of it and plus it should last you a long time and then some. I am big fan of QUALITY over QUANTITY (but of course it doesn’t hurt to have both quality and quantity hehe) Ok in all seriousness It’s definitely not something that I take lightly due to multiple reasons but the main one is I like to make sure my money is worth what I’m buying.

The wallet’s, tote’s, and crossbody’s  I have found are all under  $1,000 (before tax) You will also notice that there is no Kate Spade, Michael Kors or Tory Burch on this list due to I feel that they are brands that are way too mainstream.The quality for the amount of money you spend on their items never holds up well. Of course I know that not everyone can put this much money toward any handbag or anything else luxury but these are just items that I felt would be a good help to get started.

Shopping for luxury items is suppose to be special weather it’s your first luxury piece or not, you never want to feel like you went to a crowded discount store and the holy light shined on your bag and you tried to go grab it as quick as you could and then BAM! someone got it before you did now you walk away in shame (lol ok sorry that was a lil dramatic but you know what I mean!) I hope this sparks some light bulbs for you and you start thinking about which handbags or luxury items would suit you better as well as the price range. Let me know what you think of the items I have chosen and if you think I missed something feel free to comment and tag it down below.

PSA: As stated before I do know that everyone can’t shell out this much money on certain things however this is just what I enjoy the most when speaking about fashion. I do know that fashion isn’t always about luxury or expensive items, its about your own individual style and how you feel. If any of these things listed below don’t go well with not only your wallet but your style you can always go to stores multiple stores or any local boutique in your area that might sell these type of items at a fraction of the price. I also do know that luxury isn’t always the best quality (I know what a contradiction right?) So always, always pick and choose what you want and what you decide to spend your money is no one else business. Who the hell cares what you spend your money on? that’s right NO ONE DOES! So do what you want with your money however you want.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

(Follow The Arrows )

Wallets/ Cardholders:

  1. Chanel Card Holder in Caviar: $420

  2. Prada Saffiano: $345

  3. Alexander Wang: $395

  4. Saint Laurent Monogram: $840

  5. Gucci Logo Large: $580

  6. Marc Jacobs: $105

  7. Christian Louboutin Kios Spike: $280

  8. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato: $790

  9. Balenciaga Giant Continetal: $570


Crossbodys/Wallet On Chains:

  1. Stella McCartney: $695

  2.  3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli: $695

  3. Chloe Faye: $840

  4. Burberry Peyton: $620

  5. Rag & Bone: $395

  6. Chloe Marci: $840

  7. Alexander Wang Lia : $795

  8. Proenza Schouler PS1: $825

  9. Gucci Guccissima WOC: $895



  1. Burberry Horseferry Canterbury: $895

  2. Elizabeth & James Daily: $445

  3. Sophie Hulme Albion Box: $985

  4. Liberty London Marlborough Iphis Printed: $630

  5. Marc Jacobs Madsion: $595

  6. Prada: $995

  7. MCM Reversible Liz Shopper: $665

  8. Longchamp Le Pilage $190

  9.  Saint Laurent Large shopper: $995


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