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Season 3 – Episode 1: Fall Essentials

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Hello all!

I hope all is great. Behold my favorite season is here. . . FALL!! We all know how much I love fall.

I have chosen some of my favorite ever pieces to wear during the season, I really had to narrow it down to my absolute favorite pieces. So what I did was narrow it down to the pieces that can be worn more than once and can also be timeless for anyones wardrobe no matter the size.

 Fedora: Now I love a good hat as much as the next person but I absolutely  adore a wide brim fedora in a dark color that can be worn at any time and with anything, you can have a pair of jeans and a tea and add your hat and you look all dressy just from an accessory.

Trench Coat: A trench coat will be the best investment you can ever make even if its you’r first Burberry trench coat, a trench coat from a fast fashion store like Zara where the price won’t be as steep as a burberry trench but you get a decent quality and great style. A trench coat in anyones wardrobe will last a lifetime, trust me.

Leather Moto Jacket: Ugh! I am obsessed with Leather Moto Jackets they just go  with absolutely everything. (thats if you pick the right color of course)

Leather Skirt: Its a leather skirt, nuff said.

Long Sleeve Turtle Neck: Turtle necks are absolutely the most comfortable sweaters. Super cozy and warm around the neck and then goes to be super form fitting around the body area I think that is the best part about turtle necks you can even wear this with a leather skirt.

Thigh High Boots: I love thigh high boots because not only are they sexy they are shoes that I personally feel lifts your confidence especially in the fall time! I love that they come in all different colors textures and you can get them any where for any price and they are just gorgeous to look at and even to walk in.

Red/Dark Lips: Red/Dark lips are the ultimate staple saying that you are welcoming fall with open arms and they you are ready to slay the season. This color is by far going to be on me daily!

I hope you liked my picks for fall essentials, tweet me what your fall essentials are or even tell me if I missed anything.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

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