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Season 3 – Episode 10: Spring Essentials

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Spring is upon us and that means more dresses and less jeans. I must admit that I am not the biggest spring and summer fan. I always find it hard to find things to wear during these seasons just shopping for a summer wardrobe is painful. So I have decided to tell you what I think can translate into both Spring and Summer. No where else is society’s obsession with thin more apparent than swimsuit season. But have no fear! if you do not know what you want to wear this spring and Summer season I have some great ideas for you. This essentials list can pretty much be adapted into any wardrobe no matter the size.

The First thing I would say that you need is a blazer. It can be a bright colored blazer or a neutral colored blazer but make sure it is light weight. You need a blazer in the spring season because depending on the texture, color, fabric etc the blazer could either make your look sophisticated and dressed up or dressed  down with a hint of street style. You could pair your blazer with a knee-length sundress with a great pair of slides or sneakers. Or you can always take the jeans and tee approach and make your blazer  the statement of your look.

 I would also say a pair of culottes are essential. I  know a lot of people are very ANTI-culottes, but for me personally I love them! I love the hybrid of a capri-pant mixed with a bellbottom. It sounds weird but I culottes are fairly easy to style. You can style them with a low top sneaker a graphic tee and a awesome pair of mirrored frames and then you are golden and are ready to smash your day.

If the culottes look just isn’t for you, you can swap that out with a A-Line skirt of your choice. The A-Line skirt is super flattering for any size or body type but it is just as stylish as a pair of culottes. You can pair the skirt with a pair of high top sneakers, a ripped top and a light weight jacket think trench coat or a light weight parka.

I love off the shoulder tops and dresses for this season. Let’s turn this trend into a classic piece. This is such a casual look that can be done however you want to even a great pair of flats.

Last but certainly not least I would say what you need this spring season is an item with stripes. The bold stripes can some bite to your style. You can add stripes through a pair of shoes, a top, a cardigan, or a dress. I like the bolder bigger stripes. I would pair a skinny jeans and a button-down top with a bold striped cardigan with a great pair of flats or you can swap the flats for a pair of heels. I hope you  found this guide to spring essentials helpful.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

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