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Season 3 – Episode 5: How to Wear Color in the Winter

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

In Chicago it can get pretty cold, temperatures all the way down to the negatives. So it can be extremely hard to look stylish in the winter when you have on puffy coats and winter boots. If you are like me, you tend to gravitate toward darker colors during the winter. I am here to tell you that colors are a little harder to incorporate in the colder days than in the light warm days. Here are my tips that I use for when Chicago gets into the colder months.

The first tip to try to incorporate color is to get a bright color coat or any bright color outerwear. Now I’m not saying walk around like a neon sign (that’s up to you) I am saying you should look for something other than black brown or even that dark tone blue. Try a pale pink or purple or even a forest green. I say these colors because they are actually really easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

I would also suggest to grab an accessory; think scarf, hat, ear muffs or even boot socks in a bright color. Think of orange, camel, baby blue or even have a pattern. To keep it fresh and sweet try white. I personally love a crisp white scarf. I think something as a simple little “sumptin’ sumptin'” will turn winter from drab to fab (pun intended).

Another suggestion would be is to try to wear different color and/or texture bags and shoes. I say this because a simple bag can elevate any look and any shoe whether its a sneaker, heel, or even flats. These things can make anything look good! I hope these tips help you like they help me.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Top–Ava & Eve Similar Here /Jacket– Thrifted/Necklace– Aldo/Pants– Forever 21/Shoes– Steve Madden Similar Here

Photos By: Mary Matz

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