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Season 3 – Episode 6: The Best Places To Shop (Plus Edition)

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

I mean who doesn’t like shopping? I find it to be very therapeutic (retail therapy anyone?) When I go shopping I make sure to go to my favorite stores personally or straight to my favorite websites.

As some of you have seen my style seems to evolve quite frequently. I am currently trying to stick to the less is more approach in my current phase in fashion. It is really hard to stick to when all I see is “this is on trend but wear this” or  “the new season essentials” ugh  goodness gracious its hard to keep up with the fashion industry sometimes. So what I did was round up my favorite places to shop for plus size online and in person at various price rang (there is one for everybody) This will help you round up which places will not only suit your wardrobe but your wallet.

In Store 

Forever 21

The first place will probably be obvious due to multiple reasons will be Forever 21 and I mean both in store and online forever 21 is a cute, trendy and affordable place for all to shop. They are also FINALLY changing their return policy (I know right about time) :Insert Eye Roll:


Now for me H&M is a pretty much miss but there are times when the fashion gods decide to bless me with coming across the right things in H&M. I felt that not only is H&M one of the best basic plus size fashion destinations that it should be here due to it being a decent prices and good basics.

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart will have to be one of those places that I have to actually take a day and go in there and shop. Their clothes are currently very trendy but they are staying in the market by trying to appeal to the youger market weather its with collaborating with bloggers or influencers to just keeping a good eye on the things that are going on in the world that effect the plus size industry.


Now torrid is a great place not only for wonderful undergarments but for there great selection of jeans and skirts.



Asos is a great place for quality of their garments as well as it being trendy. We all know it is one of my favorite places to shop online.


Eloquiiiii :insert high pitch voice here: ugh, now this is a place that I visit on a daily basis. They have the most trendy appropriate clothes for women sized 14 and up. This shop has not only helped my closet but it also has helped with I how I feel when I wear their clothes. Their clothes are wonderfully made and they are made of the right proportions as a plus size women it is hard to find clothes with the actual proper fit and that in my book makes this place a perfect place to shop for all plus size clothing.

GS Loves Me

Now if you haven’t really noticed by now I dress really casual but I like to keep it cute and also classy. This place has all of that  in one place, it was a great find stumbling across this site on one of my lazy days. They also have great dressy and sexy clothes for all occasions. I hope this help with knowing where to shop for your size.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Coat — Thrifted/ Skirt–Marshals/ Top–Thrifted/ Shoes–old

Photos By: Latoya Blanchard

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