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Season 3 – Episode: 8 The Lust List – Spring 2017

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A new season is quickly approaching us and you know what that means…. A new Lust List is due. If you haven’t seen any of my Lust Lists you can view one here. For those of you who don’t know my lust list is basically EVERYTHING I am craving but can’t seem to pull the trigger on. The fashion industry is really KILLING it. My eyes can’t seem to keep up with my wallet so a Lust List will have to do.

The one thing I do like about being a city girl is the fact that I can wear sneakers all the time, I can dress them up or down and thats what I plan on doing with the Alexander McQueen sneakers. I find these to be so edgy chic. I think the slight platform is just what is on-point. I wouldn’t change a thing about them. They do come in a variety of colors but for those who know me the gold and white ones are perfect! I can see myself wearing these with a ripped pair of jeans cuffed at the bottom along with bright colored top and outerwear over that. They do have a price tag of $575 which I find is very reasonable  for a pair of designer sneakers. If you haven’t already check out my list of sneakers under 1,000$ here if you are in the market for some new kicks

The Aquazurra Wild Thing Sandals has a price tag of $785. I am trying to tell myself that EVERY blogger has them and that I don’t need them. This is a hard one because I truly do want these and can see myself wearing these all the time and even having them in my wardrobe for a while. I don’t want to get caught up in the hype of these because these are a mainstream shoe of the industry right now. (See here and here) I think the key to these is to style them a little differently with maybe a belted dress with my hair up. I would have to keep you updated on this one because I can’t seem to bring myself to put my money where my mouth is for these.

This Gucci T-Shirt is just a must have for me it puts a whole different perspective of the white T with a logo.Also the fact that it is unisex is something I love. The price tag of $420 is a little steep for a T-Shirt. However I do feel that the logo itself on the shirt will help dress up my outfit on the days that I don’t know what I would wear. I also would wear this shirt with the McQueen sneakers. This I know for sure I will be purchasing. If you haven’t seen it styled yet here are a few examples here, here and here

Of all things on my list, the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour has to be the one I have been thinking about for the past few months. I know I will wear it all the time while adding to my flash factor during my daily routine. I would love to have in a size small, baby or nano in a grey or black color. They are all so nice I can see my self with one of each size. (I know not the best idea!) So since I can’t choose and my wallet can only afford one I have to narrow down which size I can use the most. This bag ranges from $1,990 to $2,800 from the size nano to small (small being the bigger size out of all three)

 Alexander McQueen Sneakers — Here/Aquazurra Sandals — Here/Gucci T-Shirt–Here/ Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Small — Here, Baby Size —Here, Nano Size — Here

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