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Season 4 – Episode 4: The Best Swim Suits This Season.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Ok yes I am a little late with this however Its that time of the year again…Summer. We all know I am not a fan of the season but I am willing to make it work… This is the time we tell our bosses that we are sick when we are really at the beach catching the sun rays. So in the spirit of lying to our bosses and enjoying our day at the beach I have rounded up the most flattering and sexy swimsuits this season that are a must have. They range form different prices, cuts, silhouettes etc but I assure you that there is a swimsuit for every one this summer and for every body shape. I have broken them down by brand so its easy for you.

Forever 21– I am actually surprised at how well not only the swimsuits are made but how flattering some of them are. They have a different variety of colors and cuts. I feel these swim suites are going to sell outs really quick. Check them here

Monif C– Now a few of Moif C is sold now at Forever 21 (here) but over all these are wonderful designs that have great prints and boldness to them that it will be hard to look away from any one that wears this swimsuit. They are gorgeous, bold and fierce, they are sure to make you stand out.

Swim Suites For All — Swim Suits For now is the go to destination for all swim needs that includes body type shapes and etc. However the collection with Ashley Graham and Gabi Fresh happen to be my two favorites. They are the definition of sexy, confident, and everything you would want in not only a person to look up to but within the swimsuit collections that they release swimsuit. These swimsuits are sure to make you feel like a million bucks.

I have linked below the swimsuits that I love and that I think are very flattering.

Forever 21

Plus Size Netted Bikini Bottoms

This also comes in a beautiful nude/ brown color. Both Swimsuits here. The top of the swimsuit is extremely flattering, the v neck dip with the mesh attached is a great addition if you are a little conservative or you don’t nessasaryly like your bust area. P.s I have this in black.

Paramour Bikini Bottoms

This swim suit here has great color blocking, high waisted bottoms that covers everything that needs to be covered and is very flattering in the bust area. You can also where the top with no straps which makes this a ideal swuim suit to have due to you can change the look of it.

Monif C

Image result for monif c swimsuit 2017

FIRECENESS! thats the word that comes to me when I look at Monif C’s Swimsuits I immediately think of a confident women who knows who she is and a women who’s on a mission.. They are bold with wonderful colors that compliment the woman’s figure. The one piece suits are not only sexy but they are exactly what all need in our swim wardrobe. I def plan on buying more then one so you better get one while you can gurl, Shop them here.

Image result for monif c swimsuit 2017
Image result for monif c swimsuit 2017

Swimsuits for All – Gabi Fresh

This years collection is very girly with a hint of edge. These swimsuits are for the women who wants to look not only stylish and up to date with this years trends but to feel beautiful in any swimsuit at any size. Her swimsuits are what girly girls with a hint of spice you will be looking for. Shop them here.

SwimSuits For All – Ashley Graham

3 words PLUS SIZE EXCELENCE. Her collection is VERY glamorous with a hint of just the right type of sexy. The feminem prints and cutout to these swimsuits is just what is needed to the change of pace of things. You can shop them here. This definitely a collection I will always gravitate toward. I highly recommend both of these collections. They are exactly what the plus size industry needs right now.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

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