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Season 4 – Episode 5: Canada Love

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

About a month ago I went to Canada. I can confidently say that I LOVED it! Me and a great friend of mine drove about 8-9 hours from Chicago to Toronto. It wasn't too bad actually, We had good snacks, good music, and most of all we gave each other good company. I think that's really important if you do any type of trip you have to be really confident in the company that you keep. While we were in Toronto it was a coincidence that the pride parade was going we made a stop there and all I can say is that I was so happy to be there at that moment witnessing something so special in a time that we are living in now. Everyone came together had a great time and celebrated diversity It was a wonderful sight and experience to see.

We were only there for a 3 days max due to a long drive that we had to make back but other wise it was a trip I definitely won't forget. I will definitely say that Canada is now one of my favorite countries (I didn't know what all the fuss was about until now) If it were up to me I would pack my bags and leave… like… today I would gladly be a Canadian. The Canadian people were oh so gracious, sweet, and over all people who I would want to be my friends everyday. They are people who i would love to be around on a daily basis. We didn't do a lot of shopping, but we did do a lot of eating and exploring within our 3 days. My favorite was the distillery district, it had cute little shops and restaurants and was just full of life with family teenagers and adults with tons to do around that. There was even a yoga class going it was really cool to see! I am so happy I got experence canada with good friends and food.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele


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