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Season 4 – Episode 6: A Lost File

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Ok, So I found these photos that I never publish here on the blog. I think my plan was to publish them but then I got distracted and also fall just came around and I thought now I cant publish them because they are “out of season” But what the hell I will publish them and plus the weather has been quit weird. You might even have seen these on Instagram (here)

Now you have seen this dress before (here)

Its definitely one of my favorite pieces that I own. Its light, breezy, and most of all I can incorporate it as any thing in my wardrobe. Its also huge pop of color and thats a plus for me. (You all know how I feel about color) I felt that this dress is flattering on me even though it is just flat fabric. You cant see it in the photo but this dress has pleats that go from bottom to top. Thats what makes it look so flattering. The color of this dress compliments my skin tone extremely well. If you are a POC or someone that has a little more color to you then I personally believe that yellow is the color you should at least have one piece of. This is a dress that will never leave my wardrobe (until I get tired of it of course)

Officially these photos are not Instagram Exclusive. If you don’t follow me on instagram you can follow (here) But until then lets us all enjoy what nice wether we have next.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Dress — Old/ Shoes — Adidas Here


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