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Season 4 – Episode 7: Stunting for the Gram Via Designer Share

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Have you ever wanted something that you knew you couldn’t afford? Have you always wanted to try out a new handbag but didn’t want to actually put down the full retail price to actually have it, try it out, then return it?  Well don’t fret I have a solution for you that will solve your shopping problems . . . DesignerShare. 


 Is a Chicago based start-up that’s letting luxury fashion be accessible to everyone. They are a clothing and accessory rental company that will let you rent out everything from a pair of Miu Miu platforms to a Chanel Boy bag (Which is what I rented) to a Gucci Belt. I definitely stunted for the gram and showed out with this bag an I am sure you will too. It’s Chanel I mean what else was I suppose to do? HeHe *In my Kevin Hart voice * I have spoken a few times on luxury goods and how unaccessable they can be unless you save, budget, buy second hand yada yada yada. DesignerShare is here to help that problem in the chicago area not only to make chicago more fashionable but also make our wallets a little happier. DesignerShare is here to stay and with good reason.

How It Works

You can either be a lender or a renter.

To be a lender You need to sign up on their website here and create a profile.

Then start uploading your items. The great thing is the rental price is ultimately up to you as a lender the rule of thumb is 10% of the rental price comes from the actual retail price of your item, for example if your item is a retail value of 500$ then your rental price would be 50$.

Now you have listed your item, its time for you to make that schmoneey (In my Cardi B voice)

You also get a choice to accept or decline a rental offer depending on if the timing is right for both lender and renter.

To be a renter you have to do the same as a lender sign up on their website here and create a profile.

Your next step is to search what you want to rent or to just browse the website. For the next step once you know what you want, submit your rental request, all rental request start at a week and can go up to 4 weeks. You also pay a $5 fee for protection just incase accidents happen.

Once the lender approves your request you choose a day and time for someone from the DesignerShare team to pickup and drop off the item you just rented. In a few months they will be shipping to and from said lender and renter thats a huge plus.

DesignerShare is a company that I believe in and is making luxury fashion so accessible and that’s why I love them because a good amount of us can’t afford the things we want (yet). I also think that living in chicago the fashion industry Isn’t as “fashionable” as we would like to think. It’s a very hit or miss place, I have found from my whole life living in chicago that I have had to search high and low to find something that I have had my eye on. Even a specific vision I have that I am trying to execute.

  Now on to my rental, I rented the Chanel boy in a grayish blue tone in calfskin. This was my first time touching a Chanel let alone holding one. I also did a YouTube video on it here. I was having heart palpitations while carrying it, but no fear the bag was taking great care of and return with not a scratch on site. Since this was my first time styling and holding a Chanel bag I wanted to go with a bang. I chose to go the sexy but classy route I wanted to make sure that the bag stood out the most in this post.

I would recommend DesignerShare to just about everyone and their mother. They have a great start in the chicago area. I think they are a necessity in a city like ours. NYC and LA shouldnt be the only cities that have the “most fashionable” people It’s up to us Chicagoans to change that and start climbing that fashion ladder.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-145-Edit
TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-132-Edit
TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-42
TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-222-Edit
TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-216-Edit
TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-240
TeriChanelOctober 12, 201780-164

Dress – Asos Here / Belt- Thrifted Similar Here / Boots – Asos Here  / Necklace – Old Similar Here / Bag – Chanel Via DesignerShare Here

Photos By: Ryan Thiel

*Thank you to DesignerShare for Sponsoring this post*

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