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Season 5 – Episode 1: Juggling Life and Blogging

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Hi Everyone!

I know I bet you all are pissed at me for taking a longer break than expected. (Im sorry 😩) Forgive me. I’m not going to lie its been so hard juggling blogging which I love and just well…Life. I wanted to share an update on whats been happening with me and why its been such a struggle for me to update daily here.

Nonetheless I truly love “blogging” and sharing my looks and ideas etc. Basically I like to share all the crazy stuff thats in my head for someone else to enjoy reading or hearing about.

I am going to be as transparent as possible in this post. I think it’s so important that the “influencer community” be honest and transparent. Including me even if I wasn’t a blogger I will aways be honest and transparent with people. Now on to the hard part.

1) It has been hard to find a consistent photographer. Don’t get me wrong I have loved every photographer I have worked with, but sometimes my schedule didn’t mesh well with theirs or vis versa. Sometimes some of the collaborations or people just didn’t mesh well with who I really am and what I wanted to create and thats ok. Thats part of being an artist.

2) I am really trying to identify who I am and what I really want to do. I mean yes, I have an Idea but being in my 20’s is the time to navigate and really figure out what I really want to do and think about how I want to achieve it. I have thought about quitting blogging, but I knew that what I wanted to achieve and do that blogging is a great outsource for my creativity and I truly love it.

3) The Soft Truth: I am paying off a credit card bill, (I got myself into some trouble while trying to move to NYC, I truly under estimated how EXPENSIVE that place was) lesson learned. It was either find a place to stay or be homeless in NYC… I chose to find a place (LESSON LEARNED) and yet it still didn’t work out. 😒 (but thats ok)

3A) The Hard Truth: I just didn’t save enough money to move out to NYC and my worst case scenario was upon me. I used a credit card as back up (trust me I knew it was wrong and it was going to hurt after a few months) I wanted NYC to work so bad that I tossed out all of my rational and logical thinking.  Thats ok though, I have forgiven myself for that poorly thought out mistake. I am usually really great at planning anything but this was very poor planning on my part. I am just cleaning my mess up and getting right back on track.

4) Another reason is family, the beginning of the year my family experienced two deaths. My aunt, and my cousin (may they rest in peace) I as well had other family obligations to help where I can and help where I am needed

5) We (me, my mother and sister) are finally moving into a house this year! This will be the icing on top of the cake. My whole life we have lived in apartments. So this is an exciting time for us. I might do a house tour when all is settled.

6) I truly thought working a 40 hours a week job would make me happy but… y’all this is hard. I miss having days to myself during the week where I can walk my dog at the beach or read a book with a cup of coffee in my hand and just enjoy being by myself.  I am currently working towards working for myself and doing things on a daily basis that makes me happy.

7) I have applied to go to graduate school and I signed up for a real estate class. I have been craving to learn more and do more things as well to learn things that will make me some money along the way.

                And Last but Not Least

8) I am a little demotivated from not only social media (still) but from myself. I haven’t been liking the way I look lately so I have started to take measures in my own hands by trying to eat healthy and go to the gym. I am starting off slow and working my way up to where I am more comfortable with myself and even what I am wearing.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my body, But there are days where I wish I wasn’t this or that. I have been telling myself that I only get one body and I need to love it and appreciate it because it doesn’t do me any good wishing I had a different one.

Until Next Time

Teri Michele


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