Season 5 – Episode 5 – A Modern Day Princess

Updated: Jan 18

I used to always think princesses would only wear dresses, but when I went shopping to the Nordstrom Last Chance store I was very wrong. When I found this shirt tulle thingy. I just over looked it for a minute but 2 seconds later I did a double take. It was so unique and eye grabbing for me I couldn’t not buy it. My first few thoughts on it was..”Wow thats interesting” then followed along with “who would wear that” then I answered my own question….”A princess would wear that!…aka ME!”

As I was trying to find something to wear with this top I cam across a super old pair of pearl jeans Ive had for about a year or two from forever 21. I saw them and instantly thought they would go well with the top and give whimsical vibes of a modern day princess. I realize its such a weird thing to even try to style but I knew I had to at least try.

This was a fun outfit to shoot. It’s definitely something that I would wear, not only for a Photo shoot but just because I feel like wearing it. This is definitely a statement top and I just couldn’t possibly let it go.


Teri Michele

Top – Nico Panda x Hanes / Pants – Forever 21 Similar Here / Shoes – Nordstrom Similar Here

Photos By: Brooke Chouest

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