Season 5 – Episode 6: Why I’m pursing NOT being an “Influencer” anymore.

Updated: Jan 18

The definition of an influencer is…

A person or thing that influences another.

In marketing it means

A person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.

I’m so excited and liberated at the same time to announce that I DON’T WANT TO PURSUE BEING AN INFLUENCER. Now I know this sounds ridiculous because clearly I am a blogger and bloggers eventually turn into influencers and they technically ARE influencers.

But hear me out.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a blogger anymore because I love doing this! Writing and sharing my looks and sharing my travel adventures and everything in between.

I love the influencer community and the career itself. Women and men taking charge of their futures and really doing what they want. However I wont tread lightly on this because its how I currently feel.

I have been feeling so out of touch with the blogger and influencer community when it comes to how to excel and make this an actual career. There are a few reasons for that, the main one is I just want to create and produce the content that I WANT not what is going to be good for numbers or for brands that only want the influencers with high numbers or even because I feel obligated to, I also don’t want to be the token black girl for any brand. I want to do what I want when I want to.

This is why it takes me a while to write up a post because I want it to have value and I want you all to actually take tips and tricks and ideas and inspiration..etc from what I produce. It’s also because I have so many thoughts in my head that I need to make sure I say it how I want it to be said. I don’t want to just put up any thing, its not fair to you all and its not fair to me because I’m not pushing myself to be better and to produce better content not only for you but for me. I wish I could produce faster, the truth is I can but choose to take my time and make it worth everyone’s while. (I also work a full time job that takes up most of my time) However I know the only downfall I have in this industry is consistency… but I have already talked about that on here.

As well when I started pursuing being an “influencer” I forgot what and why I was even doing it. I wasn’t being fulfilled, I was trying to chase the money that other influencers were getting. I was also getting distracted by other influencers and trying to do what they do while still trying to find my own voice in the blogging world. I was looking at bloggers and influencers who don’t live the same or similar life I live.

For example I still work a job not an actual career with an salary, my money and pay varies. Most bloggers wear only designer things where as I just have the one designer piece that I bought second hand and have to make an outfit from target or forever 21 look good. I also have to save up just to even get that one piece I have.

There is a lot of pressure to be a great content creator or a better content creator than xyz. At times I felt like it was the hunger games… May the odds be ever in our favor and My main goal as a blogger is to help other plus size women or women in general feel good and look good and to feel confident about themselves.

I feel some of these influencers have gotten out of touch with reality and who their actual following really is. Some of them I personally feel only care about the $$ or what brand can get them the next level of their career and how much money they can makeover their followers and brands. Now this is just what I feel when I see and watch content from certain bloggers I can’t help but to feel they are making me feel bad for what I don’t have. (Yes, I have unsubscribed and unfollowed them) But even unsubscribing and unfollowing they are still pushed down my throat.. via the explorer page, most searched etc. Some influencers and bloggers are like the Kardashians you want to not like them but they are pushed down your throat and its hard to look away. I mean its human nature to want to see what other people are doing and even how they are doing it influencer or not.

I am sure it is not their intention to make me/us feel bad but it just what it comes across as. From the various code off link in bio, or swipe up, or my personal favorite line most of them use is “you guys really need this I love using this blah blah” They say this when they don’t even use the product or probably have never even opened the product to try it they are just getting paid for it (Just an FYI any blogger or influencer that has a code for money off or whatnot its an affiliate link and they get commission off of it)

Now I’m not saying these influencers/bloggers shouldn’t make money because it is their job after all. Their job is to look good and “influence” the public. As influencers/bloggers they are the modern day celebrities. I’m just saying they should be mindful of how much actual influence they have and how many people they have following them. It’s like when Kim Kardashian was telling everyone to drink food depresses…aka flat tummy tea so everyone can have a flat tummy like her.

1) That tea is SO BAD for the body and 2) Women like Kim Kardashian have a crap ton of money! It is IMPOSSIBLE to look like her unless you have tons of money for trainers, nutritionists etc or you go the surgery route. That’s just a fact.

But then again its not their job to make me feel good about myself…it’s MINE.

I know what I’m saying is super confrontational and kinda problematic but this is an important conversation. This conversation can go plenty of ways and I intend to have it even if it makes people uncomfortable and that includes me.

Another problem I had while trying to be a influencer is I would reach out to brands or apply for brand campaigns and would get a hard no on collaborations or paid work. Now I’m not mad these brands said no because it pushes me to be better and work harder. I am mad because I would apply for a campaign and would get rejected then the next day or week I’m scrolling through Instagram and they chose a white women with blond hair for the exact thing I actually really wanted to be a part of. In my head I think they just didn’t want a black girl in their campaign.

To top it off any collaboration emails I got would be low balled… sis 50$ for 2 post and an IG video. Sis you got me all the way fucked up (excuse my french) I do know as well these brands pay white women influencers/bloggers wayyyyy more then women of color and they could be doing the same campaign (There are multiple articles and stories from bloggers about this topic…you should definitely look into it)

Now I’m not saying I don’t want to make money from this. I would love for this to be a stream of income. I am saying for right now I want to put out the content that makes me happy and really be more creative and if that leads to brand deals etc then I’m ok with that because I did it the way I only know how… MY WAY and with my integrity intact.

I just want to inspire people and help them be the best version of themselves and if my blog is helping people do that then to me that is priceless and better than letting a brand send me free product to review and loose my integrity for a quick buck and shoutout on social media.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

P.S I am really trying to stick to a schedule for uploading content. What day and times would you all prefer I upload?

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