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Season 6 – Episode 1: The Lust List

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Holy moly its been sooo long since I’ve done one of these. PLUS we are on the 6th season!!! Wow! I say WE because I couldn’t have done this ALONE! You guys helped me get to this point and I couldn’t do it with out you! Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for sticking with me throughout my inconsistency and struggles. I promise I’m working on getting better. A life update will be up soon.


I truly don’t know why I haven’t uploaded a lust list since last year because there are things that I am truly craving to add in my wardrobe. It’s the holiday time soo I thought it would be appropriate to share my wardrobe cravings. Some are long lost loves that I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on the items and others are new and up to season that I feel I NEED. Let’s be real I don’t need anything but would love those extra pieces I feel would make my wardrobe POP.

I would love to add….

Givenchy Antigona – Ugh y’all have heard me talk about this bag soo many times either here on the blog, Instagram, or any other social media outlets. I find it to be such a sleek, and classy bag. I know it would be a bag I would wear for a long time. I really would like this bag in patent leather with gold hardware. I think It’s time I bite the bullet and buy the damn thing lol.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follis – Of course these are on my wishlist! I used to own 2 pair but since then have sold them. (See them here) I never wore them because of the color I chose. This time when I get them…again, I will be choosing black or nude/brown colors I know I will wear Daily.

Fendi Kan I – My god this bag is a dream to look at! From the Fendi F’s on the front flap to when you actually open the bag itself to revel its interior. It is BEAUTIFULLY crafted, has a beautiful structure and this will last a few generations if it is taken care of properly

Danse Lente Mini Phoebe Bag – OOOO girl this bag is effing GORGEOUS!!! Ugh just looking at it. I see myself wearing this and rocking this EVERYDAY especially the colors are beautiful!

Fendi Socks – Now look I know this wouldn’t be practical to buy especially for the price but I really love them, with a pair of yellow pumps would make an outfit look FABULOUS. I think they would elevate my shoe wardrobe and my sock game.

Gucci Tights – I’m not going to lie tights over 100$ is Effing RIDICULOUS! But I think these would be a great addition to the wardrobe especially if you are like me and wear tights more in the fall and winter or if you live somewhere that has summer only 3 months out the year. I’m basing this future purchase on how much I think I would wear them and by where I live… dont @ me lol.

Gucci Ace Sneakers – I have been loving these I see them everywhere I feel like everyone and their mama has them. They are a cool twist on a classic white sneaker with the red and green strips I have been thinking I should choose a pair that I don’t see often though. Honestly, they can be worn with jeans, skirts, leggings, blazers… you name it. I think these would be a good addition because I have found myself reaching for my vans or converse’s lately and. It would be nice to add a bit of extra-ness in my sneaker collection.

Yves Saint Laurent Envelope Bag – Ok now this will be as classic as classic can get. Other than a Chanel classic flap of course. The one I would like would be black with gold hardware. It’s got just enough va va voom to make anything you wear pop. A friend of mine has this bag and every time she wears it I DROOL every time. Seriously the bag is a dream to look at and I can totally see myself wearing this on a daily basis.

Alexander McQueen Sneakers – They are a platform white sneaker… enough said.

Also P.S I wont be doing a lot of holiday things here on the blog due to honestly don’t know if I want too and I still haven’t decided on what holiday content. Stay tuned if I do though. TTYL


Teri Michele

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