Season 6 – Episode 4: 20 Micro Influencer’s you should follow in 2020

Updated: Jan 18

Hello Loves! I want to continue to be inspired and to stay inspired all of 2020 and more years to come. By the title I’m sure you can guess what this blog post is about. If you know me or if you follow me on any social media platform you would have heard how I feel about some of the big and popular influencers…they get too much credit!!

I have a full list of Micro Influencers that are truly CHANGING THE GAME on how we look at influencers and content creators and just overall ARTIST! I think its important to acknowledge that these Influencers and creators are just that ARTIST weather it be through fashion, makeup, travel or even self development and more. We have to give credit where credit is due because as I know personally being an Influencer/Content creator is hard work and at times mentally challenging and financially challenging… so let me shed light to the women and men that are changing how we look at influencers and content creators because they sure changed it for me.

Micro Influencers – influencers who have less than 100 thousand followers.

Enjoy this list and be inspired!


You can call Brittany the OG of blogging I was following her when she first started her blog which was around 2009 or 2010 and when she transition to YouTube. Not only in my eyes is she a style Icon and her Instagram stories always make me want to go shopping…. not very good for my wallet if you ask me.. but hey when a queen like Brittany entered the influencer world we all knew what it was… watch your wallets y’all because she will give you the case of FOMO for not buying what you know you should have. Her style is impeccable and I’m so excited to see where her brand goes next.

One Word CHIC…..Chic as hell to be exact. ChiChi has also been one of the OG of blogging I remember going from her website to Pockets and Bows DAILY! ChiChi is not only someone who understands fashion but she also give fantastic tips on how to be more productive to even how to make friends as an adult. Now that was a post I most definitely appreciated. ChiChi is not only stylish and goes from work to night out she is also a great resource if you work in the corporate world and still want to be fashionable but also office appropriate and you need the inspiration. If thats you then this is definitely a women you should be following.

From the west coast of Seattle, You are for sure to get some fashion envy. She works on the corporate side of nordstrom and is super fashionable when I look at her blog and instagram the word trendy always pops into my head. Any time I go to her page I always get MAJOR shoe envy too. So if you want inspiration on trendy looks and a unique take on fashion and ideas on what your next shoe purchase should be give her a follow ASAP!

Now look y’all have heard me talk about Sasha and Her brand here. She is one of my top favorites she promotes self love in various ways through fashion, sexual, and mental health. Sasha is an advocate on doing what you need to do for you. To be completely honest we need more influencers like her and the others on this list she is talking about topics that a lot of people shy over. Sasha is not only a fashion guru she is also a business women to a T. She just launched her online influencer classes and I’m so excited to see her succeed she is making room in an industry that doesn’t want to make room for her and I respect the hell out of that! P.S Sasha does have 103 thousand followers but I truly couldn’t make this list without her on it.

Ok So I started following Christena sometime in the last 2 years and to say that I am inspired by her looks so a understatement… I AM INSPIRED. She puts together outfits that I would have never thought of. She chooses colors, textures, and prints and she puts them together in a way that I personally cant look away. I find myself analyzing some of her outfits and recreating something similar in my head. She knows fashion and knows what works for her and her personal style.


Oh my gosh what can I say about Victoria…. She is a SHINING STAR! I’m not saying this because I met her and we went to magnolias bakery and bonded over their pastries but I say that because she is the same on and off social media. She is a travel blogger but also sprinkles in a bit of food photography and serving fashion looks. She is the jack of all trades and deserves all the recognition that she gets. Her photos are not only jaw dropping but also will create a bit of wanderlust… So get your passports ready once you visit her page you will for sure book a trip to one of her recommended places.

Cle’s photos are are just beautiful from Hawaii to Egypt he always has a way of capturing not only beautiful photos but also the energy.. he takes “a photo is worth a thousand words” to a whole new level! He also owns a travel company called Wind Collective where digital creators get together travel and just create. It’s so mesmerizing to even see from a consumer’s standpoint. I hope to be apart of the Wind collective family soon. Ya girl is getting her coins right first! Get the travel bug and follow him!

Glo is a star! She is wise beyond her years. I have been following her for the last 3-4 years and honestly I have never been so impressed When she was starting out I remember saying to myself wow she is inspiring. Here I am 5 years later STILL feeling inspired by her! Her personality and her self growth is everything you would want in an influencer. Follow her…. like today…like right now!

This goddess is EVERYTHING!!!! I found her page last year and to say I have not been disappointed with her content is an understatement. 1) I love her IG name its the cutest. 2) She gives you photography tips. And 3) She brought up the best conversation I haven’t heard of in a while… Being single and I don’t think I have ever related to something more. (But thats a different conversation) Her personality is amazing and fun feeling and you wont regret following her.

Milah, Is truly a gift in the social media world her content is light and sweet and a bit sassy… I AM HERE FOR IT! I love her style and her overall attitude on social media. Her adventures are ones I get a bit of wanderlust as well. I hope very soon I go to the places that she recommends. Do yourself a favor and follow her, she is what you need right now trust me.


Ooooooo GIRL….. THAT FVKING CUT CREASE!!! Do y’all see that? Y’all know thats skill. I love following Cindy she uses colors and techniques that can easy be adapted to your own makeup skills. She is for sure a melenated goddess who will bless our screens on the daily and will continue to teach us how to make our cut creases sharp huntyyy!

Sis serves LOOKS, LOOKS & more LOOKS… From a girl next door look with a nude lip and fluttery lashes all the way to a full glam with eyeliner so sharp she can cut a bitch. Evelyn is not only talented and beautiful she also has a sense of humor that I look forward too every time I visit her IG page. I have been following her for the last 2 years and honestly her and the other people on this list are truly the reason why I have kept instagram for so long. She inspires me in the makeup and influencer industry. So do yourself a favor and follow her she is one to look out for. There are big things coming her way and we don’t want to miss it.

SFX, Glamour & Face Painting is truly ART! The amount of skill and patience it takes for her to do the looks that she does. Her work is impeccable! Her cos play looks are some of my favorite! Follow her not only because of skill but because you can learn a thing or two on how to do special effects. She sometimes will put tips in her caption and in her IG Stories.

1) I wish I had her lips (is that creepy?) Kylie Jenner could neva get on this level. Claudiane is everything. 2) Her eye looks are to die for, they are simple yet gives the most beautiful effects not to mention the colors she chooses are a so dreamy! Do us all a favor and follow this talented gem.

Ok, I know this section is suppose to be beauty but I count getting your nails done as beauty! GiGi is top notch! The way she shapes the nails are sharp AF! I bet some of you know how hard it is to find a GREAT nail tech, especially one that can shape the nail properly. Her nail art is beautiful and just stunning to even look at from a consumer stand point. I would highly recommend her, I will be booking my appointment soon!

Self Development

Words that fill your soul and heart with love and forgiveness I came across his profile when I was going through a rough time (technically still am but more on that later) but his words and the delivery of his words pulled me out of my own mind. I have grown so much within the last two years and part of it was because of his content. I am so happy that he popped into my life when I felt the most lost I have ever felt. If you need consistent encouragement, love and just are into self growth and want to be a better person than you were yesterday… Follow him, his words changed my heart from being so bitter and angry. To having hope and loving more. I hope you all love him as much as I do. P.S. He was one of Brittany Spears backup dancers

Every time I see Joe’s content I get the itch to create content… no matter where I am wether it be, a deep paragraph of my current thoughts, a quick ootd , or a super posey picture. My favorite piece of content he has ever done is “days after your departure” that was on HBO for long while and I watched it daily. I felt the words jump from the screen to my heart. The visuals on the mini movie was beautiful. He poured his heart out after the death of his mother and put it into words and into a mini movie. To say he is an artist that takes the darkest parts of life and make it beautiful is a understatement. He also owns and operates Dapper Studios which is a creative agency. everyone’s content is starting to look and feel the same to me and trust when I say he is breaking molds with his brand and company.

We need her, We need her, We need her! Melissa is a speaker and coach about sex, and sexuality, and over all how to love yourself with your sexuality no matter what it is. Did you know most women are afraid to talk about self pleasure? Or don’t even do it. Melissa speaks on that! Women should not be AFRAID of their OWN bodies! Melissa Will help you with that? How do you expect your lover/spouse to give you what you need when you don’t even know. She also does multiple retreats and has a company called the goddess collection. Be sexually liberated and follow her content. Because if you are afraid of your own body you need her content… like yesterday!

Alissa Hanson & Nick Consulting – A couple that I really admire, They have been able to keep their individuality separate from them actually being a couple. (If that makes sense) Alissa is a women that went through a tough time with the death of her late boyfriend from High On Life in 2018 she took her pain and made art, weather she was sad, happy, sad to be happy and more, I was touched by her poetry and her heart she poured out while grieving and I found myself not being able to not look at her content even when I was in a similar situation. Nick is a man that I find myself wishing more men could be similar or like him..Not only from a self growth level but more of a person that supports there partner on a mental level. I’m not saying that they need to make that a priority for there significant other but at least give affirmation that what they are feeling is valid. From my experience I find that men are so scared of their own feelings and hard to get close to. Someone who doesn’t know their own feelings… how can you trust them with your feelings when they don’t even trust their own? Nick also does retreats dedicated to men and he teaches men how they can be the person they want to. Give them both a follow and be inspired by their love and affirmation of what life really is and what life is about.

Like water flowing through your fingers. His poetry is what art and love are made of. His work is simple, elegant, and most of all about self love and self forgiveness, which is something that I think everyone needs right now. I am hoping he comes out with a book of his beautiful work so I can read it daily. His work will leave you at times with tears in your eyes (at least it has for me) If you need a good cry and are on the road to forgiveness give him a follow.

I truly couldn’t keep it to 20 people.. so I had to add 4 more people to the list. That are more than deserving to be on this list, we gotta keep the same energy for all content creators that are KILLING it!

Can we say sexy AF?? Ugh my goodness he is EVERYTHING! Every time I see him not only does a bit of drool slip out but I am in love with his style he gives me P – Diddy vibes from the music video mo money mo problems. Am I lying or naw? He is everything that the male fashion industry needs right now. Follow him to see your daily dose of a fashionably fine man. You might want to keep a napkin near you for the drool thats going to fall on your phone screen.

This Historian QUEEN, Shelby is a fashion and costume historian. She was previously at vogue magazine and to be honest we don’t deserve her but I am so happy that we have her. Not only has she taught me a thing or two (definitely more than 2) about iconic costume looks. She has also taught me how to go deeper in the industry and to be an advocate for myself while working in an industry that still only wants the “it” girl (skinny white women) She is breaking glass ceilings and I cant wait to see where her career takes her next. She is a shinning star and the fashion industry would be lost without her and the work that she does. When you follow her you will learn something new everyday. knowledge is power!

Steven Is a gem, I love how different he is compared to a lot of other male fashion and lifestyle influencers. The colors, the concept, the product placement, and at times standing in a snow storm just to get the shot. You can tell the amount of time he takes to create his content is important to him. Let’s give this wonderful artist the credit he deserves.

Janee’s Style is *Mwah* Her style is the perfect mix of high end to low end. Hence her IG and Blog name. She is someone I look forward to uploading weather it be on her blog or IG. She is one of the most stylish women I have seen in along time. How she puts twists on the most classic pieces is truly what I live for. Follow this stylish queen and hide your wallet from her page as well. Her and Brittany (Pockets and Bows) WILL get you into trouble lol.

You have made it through the whole list! Thank you for reading I hope you found people that you want to support and be inspired by. If there are people you think I should have added to this list comment below or send me a DM on IG.

Until Next Time

Teri Michele


P.S ~ I just want to clarify this blog post was pre written before the the Virus outbreak, So please don’t think that I am not taking the virus seriously as well. Even though I am just “Blogger” this does effect how I create content, So please be patient with me I am going to try our best to keep giving you content you can relate to kisses *mwah* ~

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