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Season 6 – Episode 7: 2020 Travel List (Where I Was Going & Where I Wish I Was Going)

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Hello Lovelies.

I hope you all are doing well. I have been social distancing for 3 to 4 weeks now and to say I’m going crazy might be a understatement. There is only so much TV one can watch before I feel my brain melting. The few good things that have come out of me social distancing is I cook more at home and I have been getting a considering great amount of work done and

I’m ok with it.

I wanted to share the places I planned to go throughout the year before the pandemic and the places I wish I could go this year. Dreams are free y’all so while I’m social distancing I’m dreaming I’m on a beach in Hawaii while reading a great romance book.

Planned On Going – The places that were already booked on the calendar and was just waiting for a great flight deal.

California (Road Trip) – I booked this trip for the end of spring/beginning of summer and was super excited about it, still am! If I’m honest. My plan was to spend a few days in LA get some content then drive down the pacific coast high way while making a few stops along the way. I was super excited to see Big Sur to be excat. Either way this is still a trip I will be taking when everything dies down.

Hawaii – Ok I am still so excited to go here! I had my calendar marked for the week after Christmas and would spend a week and a half there. I wanted to go snorkeling, learn hoola dancing and just enjoy my life and time on a vacation by myself. This would have been a trip I know I needed for the end of year wind down. Its only 3 months in the year and I need a vacation…

Las Vegas – Fun fact one of my good friends lives there and I was going to go down and visit her for her birthday. That is still on the list, and I cant wait to go because I’ve actually never been and would to see the strip even though I don’t drink.

Canada Banff – Oh how I love canada. I have been to canada before but never really past Toronto. Canada is by far one of my favorite countries! Not only is there government better than ours in plenty of ways. I love the people!! Everyone has always been so nice and gracious. My plan was go to Banff and feel the nature and be in nature. Living in the city it can feel a bit congested and at times we all need to get back to the basics which is nature. Its how it all got started and at times we need to go back to our roots.

Wish I was going…..

Bali – Oh how Bali has been on my list for the past two years. It seems so free and Its one of those places I know my heart and soul can heal in multiple ways. The vibe and the overall nature of Bali is a place I really need to take off my bucket list

Utah – Now I know this sounds a bit crazy to have a lot of US spots on this list but I feel like not a lot of people travel throughout the US. Everyone seems to want to travel out of country and thats fine and dandy too but at times when you either cant afford it or don’t want to go far traveling the US is the way to go. Utah will stay on my list until I go to the Zion national park and Bryce Canyon and other parks. One of my ultimate life’s goal is to visit every national park in the USA.

Arizona – National Parks…. Nuff Said

Texas – BBQ!!! Ugh the stories I have heard about the BBQ…LEGENDARY. Honestly the BBQ isn’t the only reason I want to go to Texas. I want to go to a rodeo, buy a pair of cowboy boots while wearing a pair of daisy dooks with a big cowboy hat to top it off haha. So with in two years ya girl is about to become a cowgirl yeeehaaaawwww

Colorado – Telluride to be exact. Telluride just looks so dreamy and it looks like it came right out of a tv or romantic christmas movie. Honestly if anything reminds me of a romantic Christmas movie… count me in!! (I’m a romantic at heart) and just maybe I will meet my “prince charming” Telluride also seems like a great place to just find some alone time to relax and reflect.

I hope this post gave you all a bit of wanderlust.. cuz not only am I sad I can't go on vacation, but I definitely miss traveling...

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

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