Season 7 – Episode 1: A Pup & Me

Updated: Jan 19

Ok lovely people by this time you all would know that me and my family rescued a puppy last year around the summer time. (Posted to IG) I wanted to introduce her to the blog because she is a beauty and I love her even more every day. I don’t really announce my private life but I thought it would be ok to speak on it for a quick second.

Before we got sushi we had another dog that was with us for about 10 years and she died of liver failure. It was soo sudden, One day Marley was well and playing and the next she couldn’t even stand on her own and was shaking with teary eyes. The next day we had to put her down because the vet said there was nothing we could do. Fast forward a few months later other than our elderly dog, the house just felt heavy. We were hurting and my sister said she couldn’t take it anymore so a few days later she came home with a pit bull puppy mixed and it was the best thing she has ever done.

I mean you know when you get something and your heart fills with joy and love automatically? Yea thats how it was when my sister brought her home It was instant love, that day I promised to spoil this dog just like I did the others before her.

SUSHI Is such a joy, she is mischievous, curious, and playful and she is everything that we needed. I think a lot of people need the love and joy either it be through a puppy, family or whatever makes them happy right now.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Dress – ASOS Similar Here /Shoes – Balenciaga Here / Puppy – PRICELESS

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