Season 7 – Episode 3: The Pro’s to Buying Fakes, Replicas, And Dupes

Updated: Jan 19

Hello Lovely people!

Recently I made blog post on why buying fake products were so bad. I thought it would be super fun to write a post on why buying fakes could be a GOOD thing.

Now let me say this I am NOT telling anyone how they should spend their money.. you can buy real, fake, replicas.. I dont really care do whatever your pocket book lets you do and if thats buying fakes and replicas then who the hell am I to judge. I am not god… do whatever your heart desires!

I know my last post here it could seem that I am super gung ho on not buying things that are not authentic but to be honest y’all the way these brands are raising prices I am slowly teter tottering to the middle or going to the other side of the spectrum. I know its wild to say considering its the fashion industry and it moves quickly but thats one of the reasons I wanted to do this post.

I have rounded up 5 points on why buying replicas or fakes could be good.

Point 1) Less Expensive – Buying fakes, dupes & replicas is great for your wallet. We both know this but I will say it… BUYING LUXURY PRODUCTS IS EXPENSIVE! The luxury industry has already increased their prices during the pandemic (Which I have my own feelings about) Buying just one thing from any brand can clean out your bank account, even if you budgeted or not. I am now in the business of saving and not buying… and if I buy I need to love it and make sure I wear it daily.

Point 2) You are supporting A Small Business – Its important that we recognize this. The people that are selling these items are small business owners as well. They have to find vendors, they have to “market” appropriately so they dont get into trouble with the law, they have to replicate almost to a T the items that they are knocking off. Now I don’t know about y’all but I think that is a skill lol.

Point 3) You get a trial run – Have you ever bought something and you loved it at the moment and thought you would wear it all the time? But it turns out you never even picked it up to wear? Yea me too… There have been so many times I bought something and never use it and I think to myself “I wish I could have tried this before actually buying to make sure I will use it” This is why the trial run could be good not only for our wallet but for our closet. There is no need to have things in the closet when we dont wear them.

Point 4) You don’t have to baby your bag – I love this reason, I’m not too rough on my bags but I also don’t try to baby them depending on the leather of course. But when you buy the knockoff or replica you don’t have to be careful with it. You can toss that bag around, leave it any where, you don’t have to worry about it being abused as much because you didn’t pay full retail price for it. This is one of my favorite reasons why buying fakes is good.

Point 5) Better Quality – Sometimes and I mean SOMETIMES… the quality you get from a designer brand isn’t what we hoped or wished.. and I have had experience with that. The bag that is a dupe is better in quality than the designer bag itself. I have heard and had so many women and men tell me their stories on the them buying a luxury product weather its a handbag or a pair of shoes… or etc that it broke or didn’t hold up within the first 6 months. That’s crazy right? You buy something over 1 thousand dollars and the quality is trash… hell no that is unacceptable and one of the reasons sometimes luxury/designer things are NOT worth it!

I hope these points help with choosing what would be better for you the real thing or the thing that will let you be a bit more flexible in multiple ways (money, trying it out, buyers remorse, etc)

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Pink Blazer – Rachel Roy Similar Here/Pink Pants – Old/ Necklace – Old/ Hat – Gucci Here (It was definitely a splurge for me lol)

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