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Season 7 – Episode 4: My top 3 places I trust to buy preloved.

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Hi Loves

I hope you all are doing ok. I thought it would super awesome to share with you guys the three online places I trust to buy preloved. I know everyone really likes things brand new but to be honest I really don’t. I don’t mind that things have a bit of character and history. I especially love it when it comes to fashion. It helps the environment and it refreshes the wardrobe.

I also thought this would be a great time to share because everyone is doing online shopping wether it be luxury purchases or not. This is a perfect time to see what places I like to shop preowned. As I said in my last post on buying authentic products here I don’t buy fakes I would prefer to buy preloved or save my money until I can buy it. Patience is key. Its even more key to buying preloved as well because if you are looking for something specific sometimes you find it right away other times you just have to wait. The best places to wait for your beloved new item is….

Vestiaire Collective – Ok I feel like everyone should know what Vestiaire Is. You can get a vintage piece you have swooning over for the past few years but missed out on or you can get a brand new trendy item for about 20-30% off that is GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC. Vestiaire prides themselves on that. Every item that you see on there website has been authenticated by people and not the internet.

FashionPhile – How I Love love LOOOVVVEE Fashionphile! This brand is top notch! They have an amazing selection of preowned Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton and many more. They are guaranteed authentic items and the prices on the items are way better then in the brands store sometimes. They also have reserve, where you can reserve your item and make payments until the item is fully paid off they give you 60 days if I’m not mistaken. There are 2 bags on my radar that I might take the reserve route. Do yourself a favor and check them out, I would say they are my number one place for buying authentic pre owned designer bags.

eBay – Ok I love eBay as much as the next person, however and I say this with caution… be very careful when buying anything “designer” or “luxury” off eBay because sometimes things are not authentic. My tip before buying off eBay is to research the bag you see and google around or find a website that will authenticate it for you before purchase. I would also ask the seller if they have receipts, dust bags, authenticity cards and even ask them where and what specific store they purchased it. This is important because if you see a bag you have always wanted and the price is too good to be true… nine times out of ten it is too good to be true. If the seller cant provide you with the items/documents above… PASS on the item and just wait a bit longer or continue to search for the item somewhere else. eBay is tricky so be prepared for that when you are looking on eBay.

I hope you all try these places mentioned above because they will always be places I buy from pre owned.

Until Next Time


Teri Michele

Dress – Old (Last years Nordstrom Aniversary Sale)/ Earrings – Louis Vuitton Here

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