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Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

- -There is no love sincerer than the love of food - -

My WHOLE life I struggled with food! My earliest memory of food is when my dad would call me Mrs Piggy on a daily basis when I was younger. Not only did this shape the way I looked at myself it shaped the way I looked at food. Food was always the one thing that knew I could count on when I couldn’t count on anyone or anything else. However the older I got the more I struggled with my eating habits and the food I ate.

From junk food to fast food and anything in-between...I ate it. If I was sad, had a bad day, even had a good day or I just simply wanted an extra treat. As the years went on I noticed that my life was changing at a rapid pace and I kept food close by because it was what I was used too and it gave me comfort. I couldn’t keep up with what was happening in my life at the time so the more food I ate the more "comfort" I felt. Around this time I developed an undiagnosed eating disorder of being a binge eater (confirmed later on)

Food has always given me joy whenever I needed it, I never thought about my over indulgence was harmful to my mind, body and most of all spirit. There were so many times I was ‘sneaking” sweets in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep or telling myself “just one more cupcake won’t hurt” but little did I know my "one more" costed me a lot more than just endorphins.

Now that you all understand my backstory on mostly sweets and junk food. This shoot/series was created because I wanted to share my struggles with having an eating disorder. I also wanted to create this series because I wanted to challenge what people see/ think when they hear the word Gluttony because obviously it's not something that is always thought about.

I wanted to do this series as a reminder to not only myself but of how far I have come from not only this sin but many others I will feature here on the blog. I wanted tell the people who read this blog that it’s OK, Its OK that you are struggling.. not matter what it is and its OK because you are not alone. You have every right to do what you need to do to feel good BUT whatever that is needs to be an HEALTHY outlet. I encourage all who are reading this to always listen to not just your body but your spirit too; a broken spirit can lead to a broken body…

Hair: My Stylist

Makeup: Me

Dress: Thrifted

Photographer: Kelly Ngo and David Reinis Chromatone Studios Here

*Thank You all for reading! I hope anything you took from this blog post is that we need normalize talking about our struggles and thats what whatever we are struggling with is completely normal*

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